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Introducing The Original Be|OG 225.
Handcrafted to perfection. These Belts are built to last for a lifetime and will age with grace. Raw Leather that will develop a fine Patina over the course of it’s life. Every belt is hand made and personalized . Every Belt is custom made to order so delivery times may Vary.

Natural colored premium veg tan leather belt. Finished with a light coat of leather oil to bring out the beautiful grain. These belts will scratch, scuff,rub and scar into unique pieces that will always be one of a kind. Finished with removable/changeable  hardware.
Available in 1 1/2 inch
Waist sizes available : 24inches – 44inches
Please select your waist size.
* THE BEST WAY to to get waist size is to run a tape measure through your belt loops. Measure your EXACT WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE where you would normally wear your belt. THIS IS YOUR BELT SIZE. Your pant size IS NOT your belt size.
***We can no longer offer returns/exchanges for this belt due to sizing issues.
We will punch the CENTER hole at your waist size.
*please select width

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Introducing the Be|OG “225”. An Exquisite Handcrafted Raw Vegetable Tanned Leather Belt

Elevate your style with the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship with The Be|OG “225” part of- our Handcrafted Raw Vegetable Tanned Leather Belt collection  . Each belt in our range is a testament to the artistry and dedication of our skilled leather smiths, ensuring a product of unparalleled quality and individuality.

Timeless Elegance Unveiled:
Our leather belts start their journey as raw, untamed vegetable-tanned hides, carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality. This meticulous selection process guarantees that each belt begins with the same raw canvas, but what sets them apart is their unique journey to maturity.

A Patina of Distinction:
Over time, as you wear and cherish your belt, the vegetable-tanned leather reacts to the world around it. Sunlight, moisture, and the natural oils from your skin work their magic, imbuing your belt with a deep, rich patina. This aging process results in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, as individual as the person who wears it. With each passing day, your belt gains character and develops a unique identity that is exclusively yours.

Crafted by Artisans:
Our leather smiths are artisans in the truest sense of the word. They painstakingly handpick each component of the belt, from the buckle to the stitching, ensuring that every detail meets their exacting standards. Every element is carefully chosen to harmonize with the character of the leather, resulting in a belt that’s not only beautiful but also incredibly durable.

Custom-Made for You:
Please note that our belts are custom-order only. We understand that every individual has unique preferences and measurements. To ensure a perfect fit, each belt is crafted to your exact specifications.

Natural Leather’s Graceful Stretch:
It’s important to keep in mind that natural leather has the remarkable quality of stretching over time. As you wear your belt, it will conform to your body, becoming even more comfortable and uniquely yours.

Men’s Belt Waist Size Chart:

* Small: 28-32 inches (71-81 cm)
* Medium: 32-36 inches (81-91 cm)
* Large: 36-40 inches (91-102 cm)
* X-Large: 40-44 inches (102-112 cm)

Beyond Mass Production:
In an era dominated by mass-produced goods, our belts stand out as a testament to the value of tradition and artisanal craftsmanship. Each belt is a labor of love, an embodiment of time-honored techniques passed down through generations. The result is a belt that exudes luxury, exclusivity, and a sense of uniqueness that cannot be easily duplicated.

Make It Yours Today:
Indulge in the sophistication and individuality of our Handcrafted Raw Vegetable Tanned Leather Belt collection. Elevate your style and make a statement that speaks to the discerning connoisseur in you. Order yours today and experience the timeless beauty of a belt that matures gracefully with you, becoming a cherished heirloom for generations to come. Choose your unique piece now and make a statement that is exclusively yours.


24 inches, 25 inches, 26 inches, 27 inches, 28 inches, 29 inches, 30 inches, 31 inches, 32 inches, 33 inches, 34 inches, 35 inches, 36 inches, 37 inches, 38 inches, 39 inches, 40 inches, 41 inches, 42 inches, 43 inches, 44 inches, 45 inches, 46 inches, 47 inches, 48 inches, 49 inches, 50 inches, 51 inches, 52 inches, 53 inches, 54 inches, 55 inches, 56 inches


1 inch, 1.5 inches, 2 inches

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  1. Jak Smith

    Lightweight belt, nice for a fitted jean! Great for a dressy occasion‼️ The bel

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Size Chart

Every Belt is custom made and cut to length.