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I Quit My Job: First Day of a New Future

I Quit My Job: First Day of a New Future

by Joseph Thomas

September 23, 2021

You do not quit your job as in some pursuit of happiness which is a luxury, but you quit your job as a moral obligation to yourself to choose something more meaningful.

DrJordan B Peterson

You should be afraid of taking the risk to quit, but be more afraid of not quitting when that job or boss makes you feel miserable

DrJordan B Peterson

Let’s be honest most times quitting a job isn’t an easy decision for a person to make especially those of us who may have dependents. It’s a gut wrenching decision for most. I found myself thinking about my future and how much I had grown unhappy with my current employer. The decision to quit my current employer was an easy one to make but what about the decision to become self employed ? Even with the decision to part ways with my current employer I still found myself slipping into doubt and a negative mindset about my decision. I’m a firm believer that results come from maximum effort and that I no longer had it in me to give my current employer maximum effort. So in a way parting ways could some time enter my thoughts as sort of giving up. I thought about this often and then one day I stumble upon a lecture by Dr. Jordan Peterson. In so many words Dr. Peterson says “If you have to quit do it for something more difficult and meaningful.” Hearing this made something inside of me come to 100 percent certainty that I was quitting my job for all the right reasons. It also helped me achieve clarity and understanding I no longer wanted to have an employer. I needed to go all in on employing myself and establishing more financial independence for myself and my family. Self employment presents the opportunity to give maximum efforts and the opportunity ultimately better leverage my time and energy. No matter how hard I imagine myself working as a self employed business owner the thoughts bring about a certain peace. It became apparent right away that I would have to work harder than I have ever worked before in my entire life if I wanted to give my new future fair treatment. Over the course of my new journey I will be sharing insight to my mindset past, present and future and more of the reasons I decided to quit my job.

Realistically I didn’t retire or decide to quit working full time and ride off into the sunset. I ultimately rearranged my life to get more compensation for my time and energy which are limited resources in life for all of us. Below I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and reasons for some of the radical changes I decided to make :

  • Financial independence and how do I achieve it for myself ?
  • How do I position myself to receive maximum compensation from employer ?
  • How do I change my fate in one lifetime ?
  • Will I ever be able to make my own schedule in my professional career ?
  • What are some of the roads that one could take to escape the 9-5 mindset ?
  • How do I better position myself to survive inflation ?
  • If the Fed is printing more money how do I increase my earnings exponentially ?
  • How do I position myself to purchase more bitcoins ?
  • My children are approaching the age where they will be entering the workforce. Will I ever be able to employ them ?
  • How do I help my kids not fall victim to the many predatory systems that exist ?

These are only a few of the many questions I asked myself. Over the course of this journey I plan to expound upon some of my thoughts and questions. As well as share some of the resources I used to develop a better mindest and understanding during my journey. Stay tuned and thanks for reading. #BeOG

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