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I Quit My Job.

I Quit My Job.

by Joseph Thomas

September 12, 2021

I Quit My Job...A Journey Shared By Joseph Thomas

Welcome ! Thanks for joining the I Quit My Job Blog Series and allowing me to share my journey with you all. I will start off with an introduction for those that may not already know me. My name is Joseph Thomas I’m 37 years young, and I am what most would consider a serial entrepreneur. I consider myself many things or titles but above all I consider myself a father and a leader of my family. This is barely a series about me and more so a series about a mindset, and what it took for me to muster up the courage to walk away from working for corporations. This is a goal I set for myself many moons ago. I also set a target age of being at least 40 years old, well on September 7, 2021. I walked into the management offices of my current employer and formally resigned from the company. According to my math I am a bit ahead of my target date but my mind, body and soul tells me the time is NOW ! Over the next 12 months I will be documenting my journey and sharing with the world my highs and lows as I transition out of the corporate workplace and dedicate more time to the companies that I own. As well as storing wealth for the future. First lets examine some of the reasons I feel the time is now.

So what inspired me to make the decision to go cold turkey from the corporation and mind my own businesses full time ? The first thing that comes to mind is the feeling of being trapped in a situation that I am no longer happy with. Of course we all want to be free and feel happy but that is not always the case when dealing with corporations. I am pretty sure that employers aren’t putting feeling free and happy at the top of conditions that need to be met for employees, but me personally I like being free and happy and I now understand that receiving a salary can get in the way of freedom and happiness. Another reason for quitting my job is financial security and storing wealth for the future. Yes ! You read that right. I quit my job because it has become counter- productive to me storing wealth for my family and myself. I know it may seem a bit backwards but I truly don’t believe the 40 year retirement plan is set up for people to enjoy their wealth nor their freedom. Lets be honest the workplace is filled with workers who are complacent and perfectly fine with spending the majority of their lives working for an employer. For some this poses no issues what so ever, but presents many issues for us who are proactive and want more in life than working for an employer receiving bare minimum income. Employers are notorious for paying employees the bare minimum and how could you fault them. No matter how large the amount is, an employer is looking to pay you the bare minimum even if it’s millions of dollars. Upon realizing this I began to think about the life and future I wanted for myself vs the life that I was currently living. There was an obvious gap between my present life and the future life I saw for myself. So I began to write down all the problems that were stopping me from living the life I want to live as well as the possible solution to the problems. What became more and more apparent is the fact that I can’t live the life that I want to live if I have to report to my job daily and give them 8+ hours of my life at the minimum. With that being said I am taking the leap of faith. I am going after my sovereignty and adding fuel to my F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence, Retire Early). This isn’t a series about me or any one person in particular quitting their job. This is series dedicated to the mindset needed to break free of whatever it is holding you back from living the life you desire for yourself. So join me over the next 12 months as I document life after quitting my job ! #BeOG

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